Out my window I see the fog rolling in and out most days. On September 18th, 2021 Christo and Jeanne Claude mounted a posthumous wrapping of L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris. I saw an interview with the project manager on the site. He discussed the Christos L’Arc Project; he talked about what is revealed when it is wrapped and then what is revealed when the wrappings are removed.
I was making my fog paintings at this time. The first one was started in early 2021.
What he said resonated. I was exploring how landscape is hidden and revealed through the veil of fog. Every day is different in San Francisco’s marine layer. So much of our habitat here relies on it.

Now, wherever I am, I watch and see how fog moves; veiling, covering and uncovering the landscape and continue to record these perceptions in my paintings. Fog 30Storm NapaFog 32Fog 1Fog on the Bay 1 and Fog on the Bay 2Fog Traveling back to RomeFog Green Gulch 5Fog 2Fog 8Fog 4Fog 15Fog 5Fog 3Fog 6Fog 7Fog 16Night Fog 2Night fog 1Night Fog 7Night Fog 11Night Fog 12Night Fog 13Night Fog 15Fog 27Fog 29Fog DeltaFog 10Fog 11Fog 20Fog 23Fog 31Fog a VeilFog Green Gulch 1Fog Green Gulch 2Fog Green Gulch 4