The IN Series are works on paper were influenced by a trip in the summer of 2014 to the Noguchi Museum in Queens, NY. I loved the marks on the surface of his stone sculptures, which appeared to me as drawings on stone. I knew then that I wanted to make some drawings based on this experience.
During this trip to New York I also shad the opportunity to view some Paul Klee’s transfer print drawings at the Metropolitan and Neue Museums. Klee’s prints are printing ink mixed with watercolor on a laid paper. Preferring Klee’s pieces because of their minimalism, I realized that this would be the place to start my series inspired by the strike marks in the stonework of Noguchi.
The pieces in the series are mixed media on paper using watercolor etching ink, gouache, conte, colored pencil, pastel, and graphite interchangeably. All the pieces begin with a transfer print made with etching ink. I have played with these pieces in a variety of sizes from 25”x19” to 9”x6, using Ingres paper by Hahnemuhle. The full sheet comes in a variety of colors, has 4 deckles, has a laid pattern and is 25”x19”. IN 1IN 4IN 2IN 5IN 19IN 10IN 9IN 14IN 26IN 30IN 42IN 60IN 55IN 59