Small format oil paintings done on panel, some have silk applied to the surface and painted and some have linen and the rest are just on wood panels.  They are small intimate views or little windows into the landscape. Covelo 2.2015Two Berkeley Birches 9.2015Covelo 7.2015 Covelo 7.2015.2Filoli PathMVC Liquid Amber 11 2014Ginkgo at the DeYoungRosemary LakeBerkeley Cypress 8.2015Berkeley Hill 8.2015Berkeley Hill 8.2015.1Berkeley Hill with White House 8.2015Covelo 7 2015 7 Covelo 7.2015.5Filoli PathCovelo 7.2015.4Golden Gate from the Legion of HonorGolden Gate from Tiberon 2 2015Marsh 8 2014MVC Liquid Amber 11.2014.2Tiburon 2.2015Tiburon 2.2015.1Alcatraz from Treasure Island 3 2015Pittsburg CypressLake TemescalLake Temescal 2